An Overacheiving Mod
Ayyyyyyyyyyy fighting ferrets



I’ll stop reblogging this when it stops being funny.


Friend: go ask
Me: no you go ask
Friend: no you
Me: fine can i have ketchup

At that point I KNEW that Spring Break did not end soon enough

I was drawing fairies.

Rainbow Magic fairies.

I finished a post for Evil Scootaloo

But it’s not postiiinnnggggg….

I really think I should change the URL for that blog, Scoots isn’t really “EVIL anymore, she was more evil in my concept art





This show is a treasure.  It’s too bad that tumblr spends its time bemoaning the brony phenom and making fun of the fanbase and conveniently forgets that the core material is pretty fantastic and worthy of praise.

I keep noticing awesome themes as I watch this show, and it makes me happy.

People who equate liking my little pony with bronies drive me nuts my little pony is great

this season has been so great, they’ve really been pushing disabled characters this season, too! First Scoots and now Dashie!!!

Mod: you have no idea how much this episode hit me! I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was little. My heart explode when this scene happened!



creepiest easter bunnies

okay what the hell is that last one

Why, it’s the infamous Easter Cat, of course!


Maud: I’m confused, who is asking us questions?

Cheese: The internet!

Blinkie: … internet?

Pinkie: Tumblr to be exact!

Inkie: Internet? Tumblr? Now I’M confused.

((Okay, so, just a warning, this blog will not be colored most of the time, this is a blog where I’m going for quantity over quality, I’m going to just doodle, in pencil, for this blog, you may even find a post that I may have doodled on loose leaf in school. BUT! That does not mean I won’t color some posts, I may even draw some on the computer, but I have so many blogs, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Pinkie Pie blog, so I added one more, but I needed to save time because I’m only allowed to be on the computer for two hours every day))

Long post, long description, but I needed to explain why I am not an idiot for creating another blog.

I have 22 hours to work on this blog and 2 to work on every other one (well, this blog and my big four blog)